Specialist Independent Financial Planning for the Veterinary Profession

Private Clients

Our strength lies in our relationships with our clients, and it’s all down to our dedicated, friendly and professional advisers and supporting team.

Working with Veterinary Professionals we quite literally talk your language, understanding your career path and the challenges and financial needs along the journey.  Having worked so closely in the industry, we have witnessed first-hand the changes and understand their implications from a financial planning perspective.  Additionally, we are highly versed in the evolving financial world and understand how changes such as those in inheritance tax planning and the introduction of pension freedoms are relevant to our clients.

Our holistic approach to wealth management is a fully integrated combination of financial planning and investment management, meaning we can provide our clients with a solution for complete financial well-being. Additionally, by visiting our clients on a frequent basis, we are more easily able to understand how developments in the profession affect our clients both individually and collectively.

We work with vets throughout their career from the early stages, where income protection is the key concern, through to accumulation where investing for your retirement becomes a key factor. We continue to work with clients post retirement to ensure we are using effective tax planning strategies and investing to meet their income needs and plan their legacy.

We are currently witnessing a number of buy-outs where attractive financial packages are offered in exchange for the sale of veterinary practices. Good financial advice will help you structure these deals in a tax efficient manner that meets your ongoing financial needs.  For this we use cash flow planning tools which allow us to visualise the implications of different financial scenarios.